Who we are

We make and publish games.

Founded in 2016, we committed to develop the next generation of emotional and fulfilling interactive experiences by working remotely, with a mindful work/life balance.

From companies such as Ubisoft, Activision, Riot Games and THQ, for more than 15 years, the talented people that are now in No Moon changed the way people play. In the process, we have learned to build experiences of recognized brands and by creating No Moon, we are trying to become one of the most valuable interactive entertainment companies in the world.


We are promoting No Moon as a democratic workplace as a key part in the transition to a better economic system in which the value of the employee is equal with the compensation, as well as taking part in making decisions company-wide.

After developing a passion for community-driven development as part of our transparent process, including weekly progress updates, live streams and frequent updates - we have set our sights on our initial goal - to build the best multiplayer experiences and the most enticing single-player experiences


Ex-AAA employees that wanted to go away from the classical corporate environment, teamed with other industry professionals and talent from the game industry to work together in a new type of company that promotes quality and creative-risks.


No Moon is a cross-continent operation. Working across time zones is not something we do occasionally, it is how we operate. To us, it doesn’t matter where, how, or when we work.  We care about what we can create.


We're all in this together. We love making and playing games.

 25 Members, 10 nationalities. 12 languages. No Moon embodies the modern multicultural remote workplace. We are living now in a very small world thanks to the technology. Hence, we are going to be dealing with people from different places in our games, so if we know their culture, it will make things much easier.

We love what we build, our team, players, and the industry. Loving what we do is important to us, and it allows us to be objective in our processes, uncompromising in self-evaluation, and to care deeply about the success of each and every member of the studio as we create great things together.


Thank you for your time, and if you want to find out more about our games, our ways and be part of our development process you can always join in our Discord Server and chat directly to us about anything related to No Moon and our games.